Born in April 1976 in Cannes, David ELOFER grew up in the old village of Mougins, on the French Riviera. He left southern France at 18 and went to Paris where he performed his military service among the Paris firefighters.
Then, he headed to New York and the world of fashion. This was when he discovered photography. 6 years later this media would become his main mode of expression.
Back in Paris, everything began with a chance encounter with some dancers from the Paris Opera. He then discovered his passion for movement and became a photographer.
Self-taught, his training was built and enriched through various encounters.
His photography is based on emotions and character.

Extensive focus on the movements of classical and contemporary dance through the use of textures such as paint, clay, pigments.

His new project:
Dance, as the quintessential way of engraving movement into space is what fascinates the photographer David ELOFER.
His work thus traces the encounter between dancers and the camera objective. Therefore he decided to lead his interpreters out of dance halls and theatres through the streets of Paris.