Dancing, as an ideal archetypal inscription of the movement in space, has always fascinated photographer David ELOFER.
His work thus illustrates the meeting of dancers and his camera’s lens.
For that purpose, he chooses to urge the performers to leave the dancing room or the theater and takes them for an aimless trip in the streets of Paris.

Composing a picture as one compose a poem …
In the streets, any ballerina, break, moment, a captured gesture or a flying “tutu” becomes an encounter between Paris, the "mythical" city and "extraordinary dancers ".
In search of places, as improbable as representative, David ELOFER confers to the images a powerful, fragile, accidental, simply beautiful dimension
As escaped from the ballet, some artists keep on performing freely, some classic movements while others seem overwhelmed by the strange peace of some secret hidden corners of the city …
The photographer confronts images of grace, lightness and beauty of the dancers facing the impressive character of city and stone.
In an industrial environment as well as in front of a classic monument, one feels what poetic dimension the movement confers to our streets, dead ends and finally to our thoughts.